Rock Solid Resource Center

Rock Solid Resource Center Thrift Store has moved back to New Boston, TX!!!

201 E Main Street, New Boston, TX

We so missed everyone and even more happy being back in our own building. 

Rock Solid Resource Center EntranceRock Solid Resource Center Entrance on Side of Building

We are a broad-based organization meaning that we will not focus on one aspect of need or societal marginalization, but on those which our communities deem as needful to be addressed. RSRC (Rock Solid Resource Center) seeks not to perpetuate an emphasis on handouts but an emphasis on assisting, encouraging and empowering those who are striving to overcome obstacles (whether temporary or long standing) and move forward in positive and productive ways. In other words, to provide a hand up, not a handout.

Our new building has allowed us to have individual rooms dedicated to categories of merchandise - so much nicer and easier for us to organize and shoppers to see what we have!

RSRC -Cabinet

RSRC strives to do our part so that the Body of Christ can function more effectively in our communities and seek to achieve that by:

  • Assisting the "GOOD" - helping and partnering with those groups/ministries etc. that are already meeting needs.
  • Alleviating the "GAPS" - partnering with those groups/ministries etc. to fill gaps in services.
  • Activating to "GO" - where needs are being met and resources needed.
RSRC - Books
RSRC - Childrens

RSRC desires to be used by God as a central clearinghouse through which and to which entities/groups/organizations and churches from denominations across the spectrum (but who believe in and proclaim the name of Jesus) can flow and be the hands and feet of Jesus in a way that glorifies Him.

The Primary means by which this will be achieved financially is through Thrift stores, partnerships (w/churches, groups, businesses and individuals) and grants.

See some wonderful moments in pictures HERE

RSRC - Furniture
RSRC - Mens

What is rock solid resource center?

RSRC - Curio
RSRC - Mirror Stand

We are a community nonprofit

We are a resource center - we help to meet needs such as: Food/Clothing/Bill Assistance/Financial Counseling/Transitional Assistance/Parenting or Whatever other Resource may be sought - Either doing so ourselves or as we refer to other agencies.

We are a cooperative of the whole community helping anyone who is in need and being helped by those who are willing.

We provide for the needs that arise through our:

Thrift Store (Rock Solid Thrift)

Partnerships with Individuals, Businesses & Organizations, Churches, etc.

Grant Writing

Rock Solid Thrift Gladly Receives Donations
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